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What do we do and how it works?

EQUINOX AI B.V. develops market neutral, non-speculative
and fully algorithmic market making strategies
in crypto derivatives and spot markets

Equinox AI B.V. is a family
office founded proprietary
trading firm developing
delta-hedged non-speculative
and fully algorithmic
trading strategies.

We specialize in crypto-assets derivatives and spot trading with a ultra-high turnover to assets ratio. We currently engage strictly own capital and have no third party clients.

EQUINOX AI B.V. aims to establish itself sustainably as the technologically premier proprietary trading firm in the crypto-finance space.

Equinox AI B.V. is organized under the laws of Netherlands, with registered office at Dr. Kuyperstraat 5, 2514 BA Den Haag, The Netherlands, corporate identification number 71871616.

Development Timeline



T.K. Boesen Capital Partners ApS (DK) with the co-financing of Dragos A. Popescu provide seed investment for the Equinox AI market making project focusing on advanced machine learning and statistical delta hedged trading strategies



Adrian Cristache joins as co-founding partner, together with Zeger Hoogeboom and Francesco Bortolussi
The Equinox AI market making operation is born with a focus on maximizing returns with exceptionally low drawdowns



Equinox AI starts production trading as of June

• $1.97B Aggregate turnover

• 355x monthly turnover/ assets

• 107% annualized ROR

2020 – 2023


For the past four years, we’ve proven to consistently maximize returns, with exceptionally low weekly max drawdowns (MDD)

• 2020: 35% RoR & 1.4% MDD

• 2021: 79% RoR & 0.38% MDD

• 2022: 17% RoR & 1.42% MDD

• 2023: 29% RoR & 1.13% MDD

Our Team

Cristian Mesaros

Founding Partner, managing director

Adi Cristache

Founding Partner, CTO

Sînziana-Andra Lichi

Head of finance, accounting, administration

Konstantinos Papastamatiou

Simulation engine development

Konstantinos Tsiakas

DevOps Engineer


Join Our Adventure

Equinox AI B.V. is an entrepreneurial and highly competitive proprietary trading firm built on immensely dedicated hard work in Den Haag, NL.

We have a strong company culture which values Trust, Friendship, Fairness, Transparency, Openness to Ideas and Freedom of Speech. We aim to establish ourselves sustainably as the technologically premier proprietary trading firm in the crypto-finance space.

The open positions below represent an unique opportunity to join an experienced team with a profitable IP asset base which is positioned for growth and expansion ahead.


Open Position: Intern Trading Data Analyst


You would be supporting the algorithmic trading engine development team of Equinox AI in optimizing the micro and macro trading parameters of our 55+ production strategies portfolio.


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